Vipassana retreat dates @ Indriya

Dear Dhamma Friends,

Happy Retreat News…

The next 9- Day Vipassana Retreat will begin on Tuesday, the 10th of November.
Registration is in-person between 8:30am – 2:30pm.
Orientation and Instruction will begin at 4pm.

This is a residential retreat, participants cannot stay outside the centre. Accommodation will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis – with our new meditation huts, tents in the garden or mosquito nets under the meditation hall.

Social distancing, temperature checks and the use of hand sanitiser will be implemented in accordance with government regulations.

Please bring your own: sheet, pillow, yoga mat, flashlight, mosquito repellant, and water bottle.

All accomodation, food and teachings are offered by Indriya Retreat on a pay-it-forward donation-basis. This means you do not pay a fee for doing a retreat at Indriya. Someone before you has generously sponsored your place on the retreat. You have the opportunity to sponsor a place for someone else in the future with your donation.

In this way we are developing and practising the intention of giving and generosity rather than just paying for ourselves. The difference in intention and orientation is huge.

Donations are gratefully accepted at the end of the retreat to give the gift of Dhamma and support the on-going costs of the centre.

We have not planned beyond this date due to the uncertainty created by the covid-19 situation. We hope the retreats can roll-out monthly throughout the 2020 with a few breaks to catch our breath, along the way. ☺

We will keep you updated…