Vipassana retreat dates @ Indriya

Dear Dhamma Friends,


These dates for the 7-day silent vipassana retreats for the next few months at Indriya Retreat (FEB – MAY 2020).

Please arrive on the 1st and 16th of the month.
Registration is in-person between 8am – 12noon.

Orientation and Instruction begins at 3pm.

We have not planned beyond these dates but expect the schedule to roll-out throughout the year in a similar way, with a few breaks to catch our breath, along the way. ☺

All accomodation, food and teachings are offered by Indriya Retreat on a pay-it-forward donation-basis. This means you do not pay a fee for doing a retreat at Indriya. Someone before you has generously sponsored your place on the retreat. You have the opportunity to sponsor a place for someone else in the future with your donation. In this way we are developing and practising the intention of giving and generosity rather than just paying a retreat cost for ourselves. The difference in orientation is huge.

Donations are gratefully accepted at the end of the retreat to give the gift of Dhamma and support the on-going costs of the centre.

1st – 9th Feburary 2020 [English with Russian translation]
16th – 24th Feburary 2020 [English]

1st – 9th March 2020 [English with Russian translation]

Retreats during April and May are CANCELLED