Vipassana @ Indriya Retreat

Dear Vipassana Yogis 😉

We are very pleased to announce our upcoming retreat

Join us for a 7-day Vipassana retreat @ Indriya, Koh Phangan. Suitable for curious beginners and advanced meditators from all traditions.

15th May – 23rd May 2022

Registration-on-arrival @ 9am – 11am on the 15th May.

Orientation and Instruction begin 3pm

The retreats will be led by the experienced and dedicated team at Indriya using a new hybrid format that allows for the advantages of a supportive group environment and an enriching personalised instruction. 

Dhamma Talks will be given via recently recorded instructional videos in English (two hours per day). Personal and group Interviews to discuss and fine tune your practice will be held with Anthony Markwell and be available daily throughout the retreats via FaceTime

These are silent, intensive residential retreats and you must stay at Indriya during the whole retreat. We offer accommodation in a shared room or a tent in the dorm or garden. Rooms and tents are allocated at arrival. Those who arrive first get the rooms 😉

Please bring your own sheets and pillow, a water bottle, flashlight, medicines, soap, clothes washing powder and mosquito repellant. Clothing should be loose fitting and covering the knees and shoulders. We offer two delicious vegetarian meals daily plus afternoon drinks.

There is no fee for the retreat. The Teachings of the Buddha are offered freely at Indriya and you are invited to experience the Dhamma. Donations are gratefully accepted to cover expenses and ‘pay-it-forward’ at the end of the retreat. 🙏🙏🙏

Vipassana is the profound meditative practice that leads to ’clear-seeing’ and letting go of ego attachments, negative obsessions, habits, opinions and views.

Indriya Retreat is located in Coconut Lane, between Hin Kong and Sri Thanu on the beautiful island of Phangan.

We look forward to giving you a supportive and deeply profound experience into the nature of the mind and body process as it has been practiced for 2600 years.

Enquires by email to or send a message via Facebook: Indriya Retreat Vipassana