Vipassana @ Indriya Retreat

Meditators and Yogies🙏

Vipassana is a profound meditative practice that develops ’clear-seeing insight’ into the nature of intentions and conditioning, and leads to letting go of ego attachments, negative habits, harmful opinions & views. The result is wisdom, peace and mental freedom.

Join us over the next three months and learn this ancient technique in a supportive group environment with former Buddhist monk and meditation instructor Anthony Markwell and the experienced team at Indriya Retreat. Our retreats are suitable for curious beginners and advanced meditators.

Next retreats:

1st January – 9th January 2023 (7-day English)

15th January – 23th January 2023 (7-day English)

1st February – 9th Febuary 2023 (7-day English with Russian translation)

11th February – 19th Febuary 2023 (7-day Russian with Igor Budnikov)

1st March – 9th March 2023 ( 7-day English)

1st March – 16th March 2023 (14-day English)

1st March – 23rd March 2023 (21-day English)

Registration @ 10am on Arrival Day

Orientation begins @ 3pm on Arrival Day

Retreat ends @ 10am on Departure Day

Meditation Instructions and Dhamma Talks will be given in-person by Anthony Markwell in English (two hours per day). Personal Interviews and reporting to discuss and fine tune your practice will be available daily throughout the retreats.

These are silent, intensive residential retreats and you must stay at Indriya during the whole retreat. We offer accommodation in a shared room or a tent in the dorm or garden. Rooms and tents are allocated on arrival on a first come, first served basis. We offer two delicious vegetarian meals daily plus afternoon drinks.

Please bring your passport, bed sheets and pillow, a water bottle, flashlight, medicines, soap, towels, clothes washing powder, tampons and mosquito repellant. Clothing should be loose fitting and covering the knees and shoulders.

Please be well rested before arrival. You should not arrive exhausted from travelling. Allow a day of complete rest before starting the retreat for best results.

A fee of 3,500 baht to cover personal costs and the centre’s many expenses is gratefully received at registration. This includes 8 night accommodation and 16 vegetarian buffet meals and afternoon drinks and everything you need.

There is no fee for the Teachings of the Buddha @ Indriya Retreat and you are invited to experience the Dhamma.

Traditionally donations are offered to express gratitude to the teacher and larger donations to help expand the centre’s infrastructure. These are very much appreciated at the end of the retreat.

We look forward to giving you a profound meditation experience  🙏🙏🙏

Location: Indriya Retreat is located in Coconut Lane, between Hin Kong and Sri Thanu on beautiful Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Contact: WhatsApp: +668 3593 3597

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