Books & Centres

Here you will find links to translations of the Buddha’s Teaching as preserved in the Pali Canon. There are recommended forest monasteries and meditation centres in Asia that offer monthly retreats and possible ordination. There are some easy to read but profound meditation books for download. Included are several websites that contain hundreds of digital Dhamma books, meditation manuals and talks by various Buddhist teachers available for download.

Recommended Reading – Sutta Pitaka

The collection of Pali Suttas, or discourses, attributed to the Buddha and a few of his closest disciples, are the source of all the central teachings of the Theravada. They provide not only what the Buddha taught but importantly how he taught. Experience the right meaning and phrasing, the methods and mode of instruction of the Fully Self-Awakened One.

  • Majjhima Nikaya — Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha
  • (Essential / Recommended)


Recommended book Downloads

These inspiring books by two Burmese Masters give a description of the nature and mode of Ariyan meditation.

Ashin U TejaniyaAwareness Alone is not Enough

Ashin U TejaniyaDhamma Everywhere

Sayadaw U JotikaSnow in the Summer

Sayadaw U JotikaMap of the Journey


Meditation Centres and monasteries

A small collection of meditation centres in Asia that offer authentic Buddhist teachings and meditation instruction in English. These monasteries and centres are easily accessible, operate on a donation-basis,  and run monthly retreats and extended training for foreign meditators.


Myanmar (Burma)

Sri lanka, India & Nepal

Internet & digital Resources

Excellent English Translations of Pali Texts and Dhamma talks by Masters from the Thai Forest Tradition.

Extensive collection of Dhamma talks (audio), transcribed and translated talks, and Buddhist books.

Extensive collection of Dhamma books, meditation resources, Buddhist directories and resources.