Dhamma Resources

The information and resources contained on these pages are strictly for free distribution. Anthony shares the Gift of Dhamma according to the Buddhist tradition in which he was taught and as he practices. Everyone is invited to experience the Teaching in a free and open way. The following are some essential guidelines for mind development.

Vipassana Talks

These Dhamma talks were given by Anthony during the silent 7-day vipassana retreat at Wat Kow Tahm, Koh Phangan, Thailand in August 2015. You can listen to the audio recordings on this page or download them as separate tracks. The full collection of the 16 talks is available for download as a bundle for off-line use. (zip/593MB). … Continue reading Vipassana Talks

Pali Scriptures

Pali Sutta Pitaka The Tipitaka is the name given to the Teachings of the Buddha recorded in the Pali language.  It has been preserved for over 2500 years, originally as an oral tradition, then written down several centuries later. It is vast collection of texts, generally recognised by all schools of Buddhism as ancient and … Continue reading Pali Scriptures

Metta Instructions

GUIDED METTA MEDITATION Every evening after the chanting we develop mindfulness of love through a guided loving-kindness meditation. Metta or the intention of goodwill, is generated and radiated from our hearts towards ourselves, our parents and teachers, our family and friends, and difficult people in our lives. The meditation proceeds to then expand to include … Continue reading Metta Instructions

Pali Chanting

Paying respect and recollecting the qualities of the Triple Gem by chanting in the Pali language (with English translation) is an uplifting and inspiring devotional practice. Guided-metta gently leads the heart to a place of stillness and love, stimulating inner peace and happiness. These practices are a beautiful way to transform the mind from negative states. … Continue reading Pali Chanting

Books & Centres

Here you will find links to translations of the Buddha’s Teaching as preserved in the Pali Canon. There are recommended forest monasteries and meditation centres in Asia that offer monthly retreats and possible ordination. There are some easy to read but profound meditation books for download. Included are several websites that contain hundreds of digital … Continue reading Books & Centres

Retreat Videos

Coming soon! Keep an eye on this page or subcribe to our newsletter and we’ll personally notify you once the new videos are up and running. Meanwhile, feel free to listen to the Dhamma talks.